Xioami mi band 5, big Upgrade today launch

Xioami mi band 5, big Upgrade today launch in china and starting price 2499INR,

The best selling Mi Band 5 in the world has launched today. It has big upgrades which start at its price. $ 26 non-NFC version and $ 30 with NFC version,

The first big upgrade will be its Amoled display which was 0.95 in Mi Band 4 and has now become 1.1 in Mi Band 5. As always, it will get third party design admission watch faces in the display.
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The sensor has been upgraded to l accelerometer, heart rate monitor, barometer and gyroscope software has been made great and now has 11 professional modes. The owner can call and this is good Future and provide detail information and tracking eg. MI band 5 when swimming, it automatically tracks us and it also tracks 50 meters underwater.
The heart monitor has been improved. a bunch and it can now detect abnormalities and inform you as you see in Apple Watch. lets see. It has a new PPG sensor 50% more accurate than its predecessor when it comes to sleep tracking, the Mi Band 5 can now extract data related to your REM sleep used for NFC version payments.
The company guarantees a 14-day battery life in the XIOAMI Mi Band 5. MI Band 5 has been improved a lot as you would have seen in Mi BAND 4. It has to take out the band and charge it and now the MI band 5 has a hook through the magnets to the back of the MI band 5 so that’s why you have to charge The band will not have to separate which is a good future.
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Xiaomi Mi band 5 is in the market very early in India. Will come and it will be available at mi.com and Mi retailer stores starting its price which will start selling in India for regular version with 1999INR price tag and NFC-enabled 2499INR

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