let’s now get started this is the Box the V 19 comes in the top has a gradient like finish to it we have some branding to the sides and the box caught the speck highlights this here’s the a 256 variant and it comes with the mystic silver finish let’s get the plastic wrap of slicing  through the seal opening it up we have a smaller cardboard box with v 19 and what looks like a smartphone camera lens inside it’s got the sim ejector pen the warranty and Quick Start Guide and a wide type-c cable we was also included of to your casing here nice underneath we have the phone itself peeling off the protective crap we get a first good look at the V 19 the reflective glass block kinda reminds me of the aura gloss finish of the Newton series but the color shaped seems to be a lot more subtle yeah okay let’s flip it to the front and power it on slip it into its case and set it aside for a moment we then have a third reward we will flash charge 2.0 power brick and a pair of Apple ear pods tile earphones that’s about it for the box contents let’s now get back to the phone itself following the design trends of the year the V 19 comes with a rectangular camera bump to the top left the rest of the back it’s left clean there is a subtle vivo logo etched into the lower left picking it up the V 19 feels really good in hand despite parking in a 4500 mah battery and Gorilla Glass 6 to the back we’ve always managed to keep the weight under 190 grams this back curves nicely meeting the edges of the phone which has  a religous running around it this turned out to be a great design choice since I found my fingers resting along it while using the phone and it gave me something to hold on while moving about with the V 19 so while the back is a slippery and fingerprint II as ever I never felt uncomfortable using this phone taking a tour of the buttons and placements we have the power and volume keys to the right the top houses a secondary noise cancelling microphone to the left we have a triple card slot dual Sims plus micro SD and finally at the bottom it houses the majority of the ports headphone jack primary mic USB type-c port and the speaker the front is dominated by a 6.44 inch full HD Plus Super AMOLED panel with minimal bezel surrounding it the pill-shaped cutout to the top right holds not one but two selfie shooters the primary 32 megapixel selfie camera it takes some good-looking shots this good detail the skin tones are a bit on the fairer side even though we had all Beauty modes turned off speaking of there are plenty of options here once we go to the portrait selfie mode the secondary selfie camera is an 8 megapixel ultra wide shooter vivo is calling them super white selfies and well here’s how they turned out now coming back to the screen we who calls it the do a live view display we have an AMOLED panel from Samsung India which means we get inky blacks and create contrast levels the v19 also gets bright enough to be visible under direct sunlight and we can even stream Full HD content from online video providers like Netflix and Amazon that’s thanks to the wide one L1 support interestingly we even seem to have support for HDR then we
distilled it out with some HDR content from YouTube and the colors looked really amazing moving on to the internals here we have the snapdragon 712 chip the same as we had on the vivo z1 pro and there’s even X before so not much of an upgrade from the snapdragon 675 chip said that we had on the vivo V 17 I really wish they’d gone for something a little bit more powerful that said day to day usage the combination of vivos One Touch OS 10 and snapdragon 712 it seems to do fine the eight gigs of ram should help with switching through apps neatly as far as the internal storage goes we have two options 128 and 256 gigs it’s ufs 2.1 storage here and of course the aforementioned dedicated micro SD option so talking about what we mentioned are already there’s a 4500 mah battery here and vivo claims that their third three watt fast charger should get the v 19 from 0 to 70 percent and 40 minutes now Before we jump to optics let’s quickly glance over the Sun trees we have an in display fingerprint scanner that seems to work well we also have face on law on board Vigo seems to have improved ease of use by adding the ability to unlock faster using a combination of both fingerprint and face unlock at the same time ok finally let’s now focus on the objects we have quad cameras to the back of the v.19 the primary is a 48 megapixel sensor with an F 1.8 lens as expected daylight pictures seem to come on well there’s also a dedicated night mode included initial  impressions it seems quite good we’ll have to test it more though we then have an 8 megapixel ultra wide a 2 megapixel depth sensor and yet another 2 megapixel sensor but this one’s for macro the macros did seem to turn out great on the video set of things we do have ultra-stable video available on both as well as the French camera what’s more we will say is that they will also add portrait video capture
they’re calling this their art portrait video but
v19 price : 27990 (8gb+128 gb)
v19 price : 31990 (8gb+256gb)

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