The Best Phones Under ₹20,000 this time!

hey guys this is technology news articles and off late we’ve seen a lot of new phones in the sub 20k price segment there’s been the poco that I’d be note 9 series there 8 with 6 series but yeah the best is kind of settle down and we are not expecting a lot more new phones in the 20k price segment so this seems like the right time to tell you the best phone to buy under 20k but that’s what we’re doing today so let’s get started so let me first get this out there unlike the previous years where we used to have a lot of great fools from nokia zeus on etc this time we only have phones from red me real me and poker having said that there are some create phones in this price segment but before we get to the absolute best phone under 20k and the best phone under 15k there’s one phone I want to talk about that’s pretty much gone under the radar thanks to the launches see I’m talking about this the real me x2 this is the phone that arrived late last year but just look at the specs it’s still an amazing phone to buy it’s got a Super AMOLED display which I was hoping would become a norm in 2020 budget phones but no that did not happen it also got the Snapdragon 730 G chipset a 64 megapixel quad camera setup that’s similar to the real b6 Pro a fairly decent 4000 mAh battery with 30 watt book charging so yeah these specs are great and honestly yeah two things that make the really me x2 still a great for Dubai firstly the AMOLED panel yes I know there’s a 120 Hertz IPS LCD of the poco x2 a 90 Hertz IPS LCD on the real news 6 phones but you know what I take a 60 Hertz omelette any day over these IPS LCD panels it just looks way more attractive and premium it’s not just this display the readme x2 is way more compact than say the poco x2 or the redmi note 9 promax or the deal message pro it’s more compact more lightweight and it looks great so if you want a beautiful AMOLED display and a sleek compact design the real me x2 might be the perfect phone way in fact for a lot of people this might be the apps best food under 20 K now there’s one phone that fulfills the same criteria the red meat gate to any it’s got similar specs – and a nice bezel is design on top of that but it’s prized a trapeze 19 triple nine and when the readme x2 brings faster charging better cameras and the 730 G instead of the usual seven title so yeah you can go for the red Makita mainly for its design especially the bezel is designed but apart

 from that I think the real me x2 makes more sense now if you don’t care much about the AMOLED display or the design and you want the absolute best phone under 20k you basically have three great options the redmi note 9 Promax the poco x2 and the real 6 pro now if you ask me the best absolute best phone under 20 K is the poco extra the poke waves to bring speeches like the 120 Hertz IPS LCD display the Snapdragon 730 G the sony imx6 86 64 megapixel camera a big 4500 mAh battery and very fast 27 were charging in a design that looks very nice now these specs for rupees 50 triple 9 are pretty great and as you saw in a poco x2 review the food does not really make any major compromises it’s pretty much got everything going for it in fact when we put it against 3086 pro-v found in the poor works to a superior cameras probably thanks for the new imx6 86 sensor and it has faster charging and there’s also the fact that 120 Hertz just sounds better than 90 Hertz now I know that has redmi note 9 pro max is coming too and that should be a decent phone as well but I think the pro pro x2 will do fine against it so yeah the poco x2 is my choice when it comes to the absolute best phone under – any kid move out of the best phone under 15,000 rupees you have three options there is there any note 9th row the review 6 and even the redmi note 8 probe which might be an old phone but it still makes a lot of sense but you know what it’s clear that the real me 6 is the best phone to buy under 15k and we recently put the redmi note 9 pro against three mistakes and the real mistakes came on top unsurprisingly – i bring some great features like there are 90 Hertz IPS LCD display to the budget segments and just got great specs like the mediatek helio g9 TT the 64 mega pixel quad cameras that fare better than the no time pro the fairly big 4300 mAh battery with a fast 30 watt move charger so as the real v6 is just a great all-round smartphone under 15k and this starts a trapeze 12 triple nine and while it’s not perfect with its plastic design the ad issue Annette fits in prime video it’s still the best phone to buy under 15,000 piece having said that if you really want an AMOLED display or HD playback in Netflix and prime video in a phone that’s priced under 15k there’s also a galaxy m31 a price 14999 and it also includes a message 6000 mAh battery Samsung is market  the galaxy M 21 which is bringing all the same features for a lower price now phones obviously have their compromises but if these are the things that matter to you well they can be decent phones for you but those are the best forced to buy under to any case of which phone are you going for tell us enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends who have been looking to buy a new phone under 20 K and a 15 K just share this article lastly 
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