Samsung Galaxy M31 Review: Should You Buy?

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review: Should You Buy?, 64 megapixel camera , monster battery 6000 mAh, price 14999.

The Galaxy m31 has recently arrived in India and there are some questions on the phone as to how the gaming performance is, how the cameras compare against the Redmi Note 8 Pro and the Poco X2. You should buy it well. This is a Galaxy M31 review. So let’s say these questions so I have used the galaxy m31 for a few days and while my experience has been generally positive, there have been some hiccups with some designs here, the design of the m31 didn’t start at all -Grabbing a phone that looks amazing, but I’d say it looks especially good as this black color, which I’ve used with yes glass or metal, will make the phone more attractive, but the plastic design Means that it can take a hit now, which I really like is the design form factor. Now we all know that this is a 6000 mAh battery and given that it is a fairly lightweight compact and easy to use. The four have a physical fingerprint scanner, which is a pity, but is now becoming rare, even if the phone fails. Because it’s a physical fingerprint scanner. It’s fast and accurate. Another thing I’ve liked about the design is that this display is right here. It’s a Super AMOLED display. I’m not on par with competing displays in this price range if it’s better. Not bright so I don’t have any issues with it, it’s sharp and colors look good so it was nice to watch shows and movies on this display. It’s a good experience on the speaker front. There’s only one speaker that screams decently loudly. And it is quite clear that it is similar to other phones in this price range. I like that it is placed on the right, so the sound doesn’t get blocked when you’re gaming, we all know that the Galaxy ND was designed is not really there to shed light on what cameras Kind of, the cameras have been upgraded all over yes and I noticed that the 64 megapixel camera when taking photos with the m31 during day time ensured that the details are really good and I like the overall expo I’m sure.shots most photos also have great dynamic range which is great in low-light things aren’t as good but it is decent similar to other phones in the segment see low-light shots are decent too but sometimes you can notice a little bit of noise and the lack of details so yeah now I also compared the main cameras of the galaxy m31 vs the poco x2 that I’d mean no retro so let’s check it out now in daytime shorts I notice that the galaxy m31 compares really well against the poco x2 a noted pro for example in this comparison the empty one just highlighted the shadows better and it’s just a better photo with the other two just pumping up the contrast a bit too much plus if we zoom in on this brick II wall you can notice it has better details than the noted pro now in this comparison it’s a close call but again the shadows look better on the entirety one shot and the color too is more natural now this is not always the case

sometimes the poco x2 and node it will do better when it comes to details or more punchy colors like in this comparison or in this comparison here but yeah the m31 does manage to play well in low-light things are a little different I mean the galaxy m31 has its issues and so do poco x2 and the Note 8 pro but yeah the poco x2 is just better in low light for example in this comparison the pork works to photos it’s just a little brighter now here’s another comparison and it’s clear that the note 8 Pro and poco x2 are better in low light no doubts about that anyway moving on the portrait mode on the m31 is pretty good here are a few live focus mode shots and I really like the accurate edge detection on point bouquet and fairly decent details on the face this is one area where I think the galaxy m31 was really consistent I also tested the ultra wide-angle lens which does a really good job at color preservation the dynamic range I mean look at the shot now the details aren’t very good but if you’re not gonna zoom in which you probably aren’t you will like you there is a dedicated macro lens too so I took some macro shots and well I’d say they’re hidden miss sometimes you get a decent shot sometimes you get a well not so decent shot when it comes to videos the m31 has support 4k at 30fps videos quality is pretty good but the stability is it thankfully the phone does come with the super steady mode here’s a video shot with super steady mode turned on and you can instantly notice how stable it is yeah the quality is slightly degraded but yeah the stability is very good going on the galaxy m31 also packs in this high resolution selfie camera which does a decent job I mean some of the selfies are really detailed and nice like this one but some photos to come are slightly fuzzy but overall I do think it’s an issue and the selfie cameras are pretty good over all the cameras on the galaxy m31 are likable in good light the camera performs really well and even compares well against the poco x2 and the redmi note it pro in low-light things aren’t as good but yeah it’s decent for a budget smartphone overall I’d rate this camera good Oh another thing I have been testing on the m21 is the performance now I know the Exynos 9611 here is the same as the M30s but the RAM is larger and when in my uses the phone has been handling day-to-day tasks with these App loading is fairly quick and thanks to the largest Ram the multitasking experience is better – there haven’t been any crazy lags or starters so yeah good experience all in all when it comes to gaming I’ll be honest with you the galaxy m31 isn’t exactly the best phone for that but yeah you can game on this phone the food handles casual games like say then is clash with no problems at all when it comes to high-end games I’ve played a lot of pubsey mobile on the phone and as you can see the graphics can go as high as HDR with frame rates at Ultra or graphics set to smooth and frame rate set to extreme now in these settings the gameplay is a little choppy although it is playable however it said – HD and high the performance is much better so I will recommend the setting I mean I had a game bench test at this setting and I got consistent frame rates where the gaming performance on the in 31 is better suited for medium Bravo also if you’re wondering about any heating issues on the galaxy m31 well the food does get a little warm when you’re playing games for ours and ours but I wouldn’t call it overheating so it’s not a problem anyway I also did a battery test while playing babji when I paid pub jet HDR ultra The Fool lost 15% battery in an art which is decent now because that’s high graphics and well this is a 6000 mAh battery so the battery performance is pretty good see the phone always took me to the second big even on heavy usage I mean I got a screen on time around seven to eight hours every time which is really really good so yeah you don’t have to worry about battery life at all with the m31 when it comes to charging the 15 watt fast charger in the box takes around to ask a fully charged this phone which is well the price would pay for the humongous battery overall the entire one is impressive on the battery front now going back to the experience on the galaxy m31 the comes with ui 2.0 of Android tear on board and it’s one of the most sorted Android screens out there so I don’t really have any problems with it however I did notice that the m21 does not come with the native screen recorder which is surprising since when you buy 2.0 has a native screen recorder built-in I just hope Samson brings it with an update anyway if you’re wondering about any ads in the one UI on the galaxy m31 well I did not get any ads on the phone and that’s probably because I skipped them during the starting setup process so you can do that as well I did get occasional notification of the my galaxy app but i disabled them too so yeah it’s pretty much sorted also I did tell you about the fact that you can uninstall pre-installed apps that come with the phone so that is nice when it’s time for the wording the galaxy m31 starts at rupees 14999 and this is the phone that brings four major highlights the cameras which are really good the battery which lasts really long the AMOLED display which looks really nice and lastly the Samson branding now these are the things that matter to you that the galaxy m31 is for you you wouldn’t be disappointed however if high-end gaming or processing power is a priority then the m31 is probably not for you and you should check out other options so that was a galaxy m31 review

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