Realme TV Review: Should You Buy? Price 21999.

hey guys  real me recently launched its very first TVs in India and this right here is the 43 inch version of the real me TV  today I’m going to talk about all of that and also compare the Real me TV against  me TVs vu TVs ifalcon TVs all over so yeah this is our real me TV review so let’s get started okay so let me start by telling you that I own a couple of Smart TVs at home that I bought last year so I think I have a good idea about the current Smart TVs in the market now when the real beauty we arrived one thing that really impressed me is how it looks just look at the TV here I think it looks sleek see what makes the Real me TV modern looking is the thin bezels on the sides and the top the bezels here are 8.7 millimeter thin and I like the fact that these bezels are underneath the front glass and like a lot of other TVs out there which have protruding business almost all of them the bottom bezel is a little thicker as it accommodates the real me logo and you also get this light here indicating if it’s on or not anyway as you can see here the TV looks great with the stand  but I’m sure and look cool in the wall as well although yeah you don’t get a wall mount in the box so you’ll have to get that separately moving on to the back here it has the usual plastic design with all the ports you need you get three HDMI ports an AV port two USB ports a tuna port a LAN port the AV and the audio out port so you have the ports are pretty much covered so overall I liked how the really me TV looks I mean having played with a lot of TVs at our office I can tell you that this price the real me TV is definitely a very good-looking TV plus it helps that the display is beautiful this is a 43 inch full HD LED display and I think it’s a good-looking display I mean the display quality is obviously very important TVs and I think really has done a very good job here see I will not natural light coming in where I’ve set up the TV and on default display settings the display looks right now viewing angles are create and it’s very vibrant real me has also added its chroma boost engine to enhance the overall picture quality and yeah I like how the play looks but there are different display modes there as well if you want a more customized look you can send to the sport movie game etc or customize things on your own apart from that the display here also supports HDR 10 content and that’s pretty interesting because most full HD TVs don’t support HDR look at this price the real me TV the 43 inch one is close to a lot of 4k TVs out there so yeah a 4k display would have definitely you don’t seen the deal but yeah there’s no 4k display and that is a bummer but for what it’s worth this is a pretty good 1080p display another great thing about the TV is the audio performance the real me TV comes at 24 watt quad stereo speakers with one full range speakin a tweeter on each side of the TV and there’s dolby audio spot now haven’t you the TV
extensively in the last few days I think the sound experience here is great the client is nice I did not notice any distortions at higher volumes and it gets pretty loud yes the bass isn’t that great but it’s decent enough for TV speakers especially for a budget TV plus like I said there’s Dolby audio supports you can enable it choose from one of these modes and get a more surround sound experience people like that anyway enough talking let me just give you a sneak peak at the sound quality of the real me TV that may be the south is it so so the real me TV does the basics over TV right both the display and the Sun now coming to the software experience the Real me TV comes with Android 9 TV PI platform and it’s stock Android TV no UI or anything now setting up the team is pretty straightforward experience we all know that however could not pay the blue to the remote for the very first time because there wasn’t any feedback on the remote but yeah I paid it manually later on and I don’t think it’s an issue now coming to the editing experience these are the pre-installed apps you get Netflix Prime video live TV I put basically tthe I point which just shows you all the apps YouTube play movies Play Store Bango browser and media player for your local files yeah you want to get these essential apps and I like the inclusion of a browser and a media player picks because a lot of people just download them from the Play Store I mean it’s Android TV so you get a Play Store where you can get more apps like Disney plus haut star Sony Live which by the way has a horrible Android TV app and obviously more you also get the Google assistant which works well if you want to know the weather or anything about a new movie is also chromecast built in so you can cast movies and shows from your phone or your PC with the Chrome browser and you can even cause the smartphone screen your pub G sessions on the TV using the Google home app so let me tell you that the experience isn’t exactly aimed at gaming coming to the performance dreamy TV cuz those media takes quad-core cortex a53 CPU with Mali 470 mp3 GPU and this chipset is the reason why this TV supports HDR 10 and HL g anyway there’s also 1gb RAM and 8gb storage now these are decent specs for a full HD TV because there are TVs with more RAM and storage at this price available anyway specs aside the TV has been performing well for me I mostly watch Prime video Netflix on the TV or you know cause something from my phone and in my usage the TV has been solid with no hands of the ratios whatsoever now obviously I have no idea on how well this tea will face six months or an e away from now but if you ask me things do seem positive what also helps is this remote C remotes in a TV of the most underrated things and yeah the remotes are very important and I like the fact that the real me TV remote hasn’t disappointed me this is a Bluetooth and IR remote that uses to triple-a bar please and yeah I like this mode first of all it feels creating the hand I don’t know it has this slightly rubbish plastic design that feels great in here then this is the fiber it’s very lightweight looks good and the buttons are tactile and pretty well placed see I hated when the remote has buttons at the bottom so yeah this is a layout I like although the volume buttons could have been better placed anyway along with the users button you’ll get dedicated buttons for Netflix Prime video YouTube and of course Google assistant so overall I think the remote here is pretty good lastly there’s the connectivity where the readme TV is kind of a mixed bag first up I like the fact that it comes with bluetooth 5.0 and most other TVs I’ll still stuck on bluetooth 4.2 but I don’t like the fact that the TV does not have 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi support yes most positive is to still only support 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi beat the similar prized me for a pro or I Falcons for the 3 inch TV or even we use 43 inch TV but we’re moving to fibre broadband services with 5 gigahertz routers so yeah 5 gigahertz pod would have been nicer ok so all in all the really meaty me seems like a good all-around smart TV right when it’s time to to is the story let’s compare the readme TV against other TVs in the same price segment ok so the real meeting is priced at rupees 21999 and the competition includes me TV for a pro at the same price and the TCL ifalcon 43 inch TV at rupees 20999 now comparing things all of these are Android TV  TVs but when it comes with a remote real me TV and ifalcon TV offer a more functional remote with more useful buttons when it comes to display the real meaty we Trump’s the me TV with HDR support but the ifalcon TV is a 4k TV with HDR 10 support yes the TCL ifalcon TV offers 4k at a thousand rupees less than the real me TV honestly the ifalcon TV just seems like a better deal already but let’s compare more when it comes to speakers dreamy TV has 24 what quad steel speakers which are definitely better than the competition under the hood the Real me TV and me TV come with cortex a53 cpus while the ifalcon TV comes with an a 55 cpu and it also has doubled the RAM and storage the smoke 3 the I thousand TV is only TV to include a wall-mount in the box look it’s clear that the real me TV is better than the me TV for a pro and other TVs like the vu 43 inch TV but it does not be the TCL offering the TCL ifalcon TV is definitely more value for money and more future proof I personally own the 50-inch version of this same I file Kincaid 31 series TV and I love it tomorrow’s the Real me TV is one the best looking team he’s out there with 24 court speakers that’s probably better than the competition so it’s a good TV but here are the 43 inch ifalcon TV or even the me 4x TV which costs 3000 Maude but brings 4k as well as 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi well these just make more sense to me ladders our review of the brand-new real me TV and yeah this is a good start from real me and I can’t wait for more 4k TVs more bigger TVs from reading me so yeah anyway what do you think about the first FEMA TVs in India tell us in
the price of real me tv 43″ is 21,999.
the price of real me tv 32″ is 12,999.
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