PS5 vs Xbox Series X Full comparison Coming Soon

PS5 vs Xbox Series X, Full comparison, Specs, Price, Exclusive Games! Coming Soon

the specifications all the unique titles for each console the price of each console and lots more so you guys can get a rough idea on which one you prefer and why you prefer that console so the first main point I want to talk about because a lot of these spec article are already out there I want to actually talk about the looks of the consoles so we’ve got obviously the PlayStation 5 which with this crazy white spire design as I like to buy
 it and then we’ve got the Xbox series X which just generally is an Xbox it’s just a box we’ve kind of like an indent which goes downwards on the top and the bottom so that’s a really nice feature and I wanted to kind of talk about which one of these looks the best in my opinion to start with because that’s the first thing you see when you see these two consoles now the PlayStation itself has that amazing kind of white design which actually is going to be covering up a lot of the funds which is really really nice you won’t actually see where the funds are whereas on the Xbox they are exposed on the top and you can kind of see them but the PlayStation itself in my opinion with the disc drive doesn’t look as good with the PlayStation without so there’s two versions of it and for those wondering yes you can lie down the
PlayStation doesn’t have to be a straight up Tower if you haven’t got room for it because that is a general concern as well when you buy a console you need to know roughly how much room you’ve got in the area can you fit the console in the area or are you gonna have to put it on the floor or somewhere away from the actual TV that you’re going to be playing the console on or monitor so that’s something to consider the Xbox definitely seems a little bit smaller but it’s more bulkier so generally speaking if I could pick between these two unlocks I actually prefer the PlayStation without the disk drive to the digital version but if it was to pick between the two with the disk drive I would go with the Xbox it’s just a more kind of slick design it looks a lot nicer it really does kind of go quite well now the really good thing about the PlayStation
 in my opinion is the blue lighting I love that design just imagine seeing that in the corner of your room or something it’s a bit like a PC but it gives it that really unique design and unique feel now again I am an Xbox player and have played on Xbox for a very long time and I’ve also owned Playstations so my opinion on both of these consoles is just perfectly flat so that’s what I’m gonna go through with the rest of the stats as we go through but let me know in the comments guys which one you prefer on looks only

playstation or xbox I’d like to know let’s try and not cause a console war in the comments please because that’s not the aim of this article the aim is to educate you on which one you personally prefer now some general topics I want to talk about is obviously the specs is actually some surprising stuff in the specifications which gives each console its own advantage we’re gonna get into that more towards the end the most obvious things when picking a next-gen console comes down to the actual games that are on the console the looks of the console the price of the console and obviously do you need a disk drive or not so going to address them topics really quickly starting with the games on the console that we have numerous exclusive titles coming to both the

PlayStation and Xbox set at the next-gen consoles starting with the PlayStation side we have a brand new Ratchet and Clank game a brand new spider-man game supposedly anyway we’re not 100% sure of its gonna be a deal see on our and we also have a very classic game which a lot of people will enjoy which is obviously sadboys adventures this is obviously gonna be really really cool a big adventure and it’s gonna be really awesome to actually see him back obviously from the classic LittleBigPlanet for anyone wondering about that then on the Xbox side we have all of these titles on screen with the most noticeable ones in my opinion being obviously halo infinite gears touch this is already out in Windows 10 and a few others on there as well so the most interesting thing about the
Xbox side of stuff though which does worry me a little bit is the actual Windows 10 exclusive because obviously if you own a Windows computer or just a PC in general you can play a lot of the Windows 10 games which is interesting because Halo Infinite is actually confirmed in the youtube description to be a Windows 10 exclusive as well which means it could be PC playable obviously that would make a huge game change for the PlayStation Prime and give it its little bit of an advantage there on the games because you could still buy a Playstation and still play Halo Infinite you have obviously a
Windows 10 exclusive pc type thing to run them sort of games so that’s really awesome obviously for

PlayStation users out there as well if you’re a Halo fan of users generally considering getting the PlayStation so as ebooks definitely need to bump up their ideas so what else do we have like I said obviously the looks of the console is key I gave you my opinion earlier on saying that the PlayStation looked better about the disk drive but if you had a disk drive you’d get the Xbox at a store and that leads on to obviously the disk drive topic is that a major concern for you because price is also involved with that generally speaking guys for those that don’t already know if you have a disc version of the game it’s a lot cheaper than the digital version again you can game share on Xbox I’m not too sure about PlayStation I don’t know if that’s an actual thing which botanically can cut the price of the game down by half but with a discs you can share it with your friends so it’s an interesting topic there when the Xbox one the PlayStation 4 were announced I know a lot of people were talking about disk usage and everyone was complaining about the Xbox one kind of removing the disc and not having that sort of vibe going and there’s a lot of controversy around it I can’t remember the exact story but it really hit xbox huh quick side note regarding that controversy we saw this clearly hit Xbox really hard because you can clearly see overall

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 PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox by miles and same with Nintendo switch does that mean more people are gonna move over if the Xbox has slightly better specs in the PlayStation which we’ll get into in a minute does it or does it not I’ll explain in a second I generally don’t think people will be switching most PlayStation 4 users will probably stay with the PlayStation 5 we’ve obviously got the control to talk about as well we’ll get into that but the last topic I want to mention before we get into the specs is obviously the price of the console so the estimated price currently is $500 for both of these consoles generally speaking from the specs which we’re going to get into the price of the PlayStation should be slightly more because the parts are a little bit more expensive from what I can tell then obviously on the Xbox side it should be a little bit cheaper or Microsoft gonna reduce the price to try and beat PlayStation I
don’t think they would which means you would have to pick between these two obviously in the shop now there’s also rumors for a smaller version of the Xbox series X being the sbox series s here’s a picture of that for those wondering that would definitely cheaper and that would definitely undercut PlayStation and allow for a little bit more extra sales right there because the specification in that isn’t confirmed it’s not confirmed oh but it’s rumored and if that was real the specs would be a lot lower inside of that console generally speaking the place in console and the sbox are really cheap for five hundred dollars I do generally think they’re going to be more expensive than that because the amount of parts in these if you were to build a PC with these parts you’d be looking at $1,000 plus so definitely something really interesting to consider right there so here is a picture of all of the specs for both of the consoles right here now I’m no spec nerd but I’ve been researching a lot I’ve spent about six to seven hours researching this article and it’s quite obvious that the

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Xbox does have the advantage overall with the specification now generally speaking the only reason it has the advantage is because it’s got a more powerful to you now to explain this a little bit further basically the difference between these is generally when there’s more workload the Xbox is going to be able to cope a little bit better than the PlayStation 5 because it’s got a free point eight gigahertz whereas the PlayStation it has got three point five this also takes into account cross-platform games if we’re playing a cross-platform game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X you can expect it to drop down potentially to three point three gigahertz on the PlayStation 5 with the
Xbox staying roughly at three point six or even three point eight then you can expect a 15% difference in performance right there very unnoticeable Doak because the GPU will kind of counter that and it will be almost so hard to notice it would have to be an extreme workload on the console and almost impossible for anybody to notice but there will be people testing and it does come down to how the developers develop their game as well then also a little noticeable thing as well which will kind of make the PS 5 a little bit better on the CPU side stop his xbox have confirmed most of their new games coming to the Xbox series X are also coming out on the current Xbox one X which would mean that their specs forded CPU will be a little bit lower because they’re kind of cross-platform games whereas the
PlayStation 5 exclusives are solely for the PlayStation 5 and they’ll be taking their maximum capacity for that CPU meaning they would have a better performance overall so that’s just because they’re newer titles built for that we have Xbox goes ahead and build titles just for the Xbox series apps and not for over cross-platform games they’d potentially will be greater than PlayStation 5 games then it does come down obviously to the GPU and see the stats for that right there again the Xbox does outperform the PlayStation in the GPU side of stuff people start to turn towards the PlayStation as we get into the actual memory side of stuff so you can see they’re both using 16 gigs of GDD our 6 there which is really nice then the memory bandwidth is very similar as well for those wondering that’s 10 gigabytes there on the GPU and 6 gigabytes on the CPU and PlayStation diffuses it across the whole console again that doesn’t really affect too much at all because it kind of equals out at the same score anyway if you work out the average of it she’s got nothing really to worry about right there but what the most noticeable thing is is when it comes down to this SSD side of stuff so you can see that

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the Playstations SSD is slightly lower than the Xbox on storage for your console but what’s really interesting about this is the speeds look at the PlayStation speeds they’re so much faster than the Xbox speeds right there they are coming at 5.5 Raw and eight to nine compress whereas the Xbox comes in at 2.4 and 4.8 compressed this means that the PlayStation could actually render in load times and assets etc a lot more faster includes loading screens that Colin clip was seen with people changing between games and it’s been about 4 seconds instantly from one game to another we could potentially see it even faster on the PlayStation side that’s maybe why GTA 5 was used on their launch trailer on their lifestyle store because even the render times or the load times and that could be extremely faster than they are on the
Xbox side of stuff so that’s a very interesting point now and it kind of gives PlayStation the advantage on the facade so you’ve got potentially better processing speed on the Xbox one X well faster load times on the PlayStation 5 obviously better processing speeds could mean potential better frame rates etc bought on the PlayStation then faster render speeds could generally mean you could load into the game faster so it’s going to
be almost impossible to notice the difference between these just note as well both consoles are also going to be running at 120 Hertz which is going to be 120 framerate fps for those wondering about that however when looking into this a little bit more we can potentially see that the Xbox could outperform the PlayStation on the GPU saddest of being 25% to 30% performance boost over the PlayStation which would be really interesting also it damn really looks like the Xbox itself is going to be more suitable for the current nitrogen resolution standard this is due to its split on memory because obviously that’s gonna help on that side of store this is obviously with the split on the 16 gigs of GDD our six as I mentioned earlier so some interesting points to look at right there but just generally thinking this side of stuff
the PlayStation definitely looks more future-proof than the Xbox just because of them faster hard drive speeds with the render times etc and you are able to actually add in extra slots for the nvme SSD slots they are 100% going to be really expensive compared to the Xbox expansion card because the technology used in these SSDs which run the PlayStation side is a little bit more advanced than the Xbox so that’s why you’re getting them faster load speeds etc but generally speaking it all comes down to developers for example look at Epic Games showing off their Unreal Engine 5 they’ve been showing that off recently and it looks amazing and that’s on the PlayStation side generally we are not going to be able to tell the difference between these two consoles it’s going to be very very difficult and it really will come down to how developers work their game and work their code around each game now moving on to the controller side of stuff we can clearly tell


the PlayStation does have the advantage here because of the brand-new haptic feedback which is giving brand new vibrations under controller for different surfaces for example if you’re driving a car over some rubble the vibration main change entirely much more than the standard vibration we currently get adaptive triggers will also give different tensions for if you’re firing a bow for example it’ll be a lot harder to pull the trigger back then if you were driving a car then also we have the motion sensors as well put into the control which is really unique as well this could potentially also be used for car games potentially or just general motion with the control we also
have the pad in the sensor which I assume will be touch screen again type thing like it is on the PlayStation 4 I guess that will be the same on this control it comes to the xbox controller I generally think that in general it’s more comfortable in my opinion I prefer holding the Xbox controller I know it’s kind of annoying because you’ve got the sticks or a little bit slant you’ve got the one on the right and the one on the left but it definitely feels more comfortable if I’m gonna pick between them I’m gonna pick the Xbox controller I do want to try out the brand-new features in the playstation controller definitely seems very interesting and could make people sway towards that if they want to
kind of get a unique controller experience most people may use third-party controllers don’t like scuffs etc I don’t see them using the features that the adaptive controller has for the brand-new playstation fire so if you are someone that uses paddles on the back maybe playstation will bring got an exclusive one I don’t think the other brands that do controllers will actually have them unique features in straight away in my opinion anyway then again developers have to choose to actually apply them features to their game some development teams may not do it and they may just leave it the same as it is on Xbox so you may not even get them unique features anyway you may only get one
PlayStation 5 exclusives so the controller for the Xbox itself hasn’t changed at all really other than its kind of changed a little over shape different look a little bit but the most unique thing about this controller is it can be used on any previous Xbox one consoles so that’s quite cool and also for those wondering you can use previous Xbox one controllers on the brand new Xbox series X so that’s really interesting right there now coming to my conclusion I just want to thank everyone
PlayStation 5 exclusives so the controller for the Xbox itself hasn’t changed at all really other than its kind of changed a little over shape different look a little bit but the most unique thing about this controller is it can be used on any previous Xbox one consoles so that’s quite cool and also for those wondering you can use previous Xbox one controllers on the brand new Xbox series X so that’s really interesting right there now coming to my conclusion I just want to thank everyone

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