let’s get started so this is the new oppo reno 3 pro now the highlight of the Reno series has always been its cameras and the Reno 3 Pro does come with some really cool camera features but first I want to talk about the design since a lot of you guys want to take a good look at the new Reno 3 Pro so the first thing I noticed when I took the oppo 3 Pro are the box is how sleek and light weight this is the phone is just around 8 mm thin and it weighs around 75 grams and when it feels great in the hands plus it looks good this is the sky white gradient of the oppo 3 Pro and it looks clean and nice I personally like the auroral blue wading pod but hey this looks good anyway the back here is polycarbonate that looks like glass and while it’s not as fancy as Reno – I like the screen look the pattern and the whole gradient finish on the front you get this nice 6.4 in Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 5 and the super cool looking dual punch holes there is no high refresh rate here but the display here does look sharp and nice with some vibrant colors so it’s nice apartment that you get the power log button on the right volume rockers on the left with a dual SIM plus micro SD triple slot and the bottom features the headphone jack the USB C port and single speaker now the nice functional design apart the cameras here are the highlight and I am most excited about the dual front cameras we are talking about a 44 megapixel main selfie camera along with the 2 megapixel depth sensor I honestly would have liked an ultra wide angle sensor here but hey I’m excited about the 44 megapixel camera now the high resolution selfie camera does promise some really detailed selfies and when I took it out for a spin so let’s take a look at some shots well this selfie seems nice I mean my face is obviously nice but the quality of the shot is really good and quite expectedly details or create and charm here’s another selfie this time of and well the face is not so nice but the selfie looks nice to do not that I – these selfies with Beautification turned off so yeah that’s important anyway along with the details I also like the overall exposure of the selfies and here are some more selfies from the phone so far things look good although some selfies do look a little too smooth on the face but yeah so far I’m positive and I’ll be taking more selfies and you know what it’ll be exciting to compare it with other selfie cameras anyway there’s also dedicated depth sensor here so the portrait mode selfies also turn up pretty good with fairly accurate edge detection there is also support for ultra night mode in the front camera now this mode takes multiple shots at different exposures and there’s AI algorithms to make sure the face isn’t messed up I took a couple of night mode selfies so bigelow so this is a selfie I took late at night and A very nice picture came and that if now look closely now take a look at the selfie with the night mode on you now a lot of detail is shown  let’s move on to the quad camera see here you get the 64 megapixel main camera the Samson GW and sensor an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle sensor attorney megapixel telephoto lens and a 2 megapixels mono lens supported more now here are some photos from the 64 megapixel main camera
and we’ll quite expectedly they look detailed and nice in good lighting in Lodi – the camera does well when it comes to capturing more light and the overall exposure so yeah things deposit I also took a few shots from the ultra wide-angle lens and check this out man these are some cool photos right I mean I like the quality so far but yeah it’s too early to make a judgement the telephoto lens here brings 2 X of Kazu 5x hybrid optical zoom and 20x days bassoon now here’s an example of that and as you can see it seems to work decently well plus I like the fact that you can even zoom 20x seamlessly while shooting a video yeah I like it that you could go from 0.6 X which is the ultra wide-angle lens to 20x fairly smooth then there’s the portrait mode so there’s 4k at 30fps support and there are a lot of other features here first up there’s the ultra study and the ultra steady mattes mode which uses the ultra wide-angle camera and here’s a video shot with the ultra steady mode on well it’s obviously very stable and the quality seems decent to there’s also ported mode video support and like in previous oppo phones it works pretty well as I love with all of these features there’s color or a 7 su loop video editor which is pretty nice you get these templates which are quite fun you can dream of video and a filter music and mod it’s a good feature to have well from the looks of it the oppo 3 Pro in typical opener fashioned packs in promising cameras that are also super rich anyway let’s talk about the rest of the phone now so under the hood the oppo 3 Pro comes in the new mediatek helio p95 chipset with a 8 GB dab and whatever 128 GB storage now these aren’t flagship specs but the new Helio P 95 is a new chipset and it’s said to bring better camera performance better AI and better gaming performance so yeah this is a fairly powerful chipset so I’m hoping it does job here the add to do and geekman scores from the phone and when they are decent when it comes real-world performance I’ve only used this phone for a day so I’m not sure I can make a judgement but so far it’s been a smooth experience with no problem so yeah let’s go for the best as for gaming pubsey move on defaults to high graphics settings and in a few gaming sessions things seem good but yeah I have to play some more games on the 4th now complementing this hardware is the brand new color OS 7 which is a great upgrade over color at 6 it’s more refined has features like the dark mode so yeah it’s nice and if I wondering about the pre-installed apps here the apps that come with the phone and the good thing is you can uninstall these so no problems it when it comes to the battery the oppo 3 Pro comes it has 4025 mAh battery which should do well and they’re starting what 4.0 charging on board but it should be pretty fast too well to conclude things I think the oppo 3 keeps of the Reno tradition by bringing some really cool camera features onboard the dual selfie cameras and the quad cameras on the back bring in a lot of features but that’s not everything you also get a nice clean design and a blur display or the higher refresh your tablet would have been nicer the new p95 chipset the latest color over seven and a big battery and thirty what charging having said that this is not a flagship phone
the price of oppo reno3 pro is 29,990 (8GB +128 GB)


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