OnePlus 8 Pro: 5 best and 5 worst things.

So OnePlus announced their brand-new Eight Pro flagship beast before its full review, we thought we would take a look at some phones, it is not very good and great so that you can get a little information about it. Welcome to the five best and five worst things about the phone.
1. Let more than eight supporters start with a display. It is very good at 6.78 inches. This quad HD monster sports it on a oneplus phone with the highest color accuracy. It’s super crisp and it’s very bright and the color pop edges are curved edges. It’s just pure eye candy and on top of that it’s things from last year’s OnePlus phone 120 Hz takes one step up with the refresh rate and the real kicker here is that you can set it to both 120 Hz and qhd + to use at the same time. It’s really a great experience that’s awesome
2. The next One Plus welcomed some extra friends to the party. The first wireless charging is happening. Yes, this is no longer your normal everyday implementation of wireless charging. The 1 Plus has equipped the Pro with 30 watts of wireless charging capabilities that offer significantly faster charging. Makes for speed. Not only do we finally get it now compared to what we get with other phones now, but we are also getting a better version of it, we are talking about 50% charge in half an hour, including a plus The wireless charger and OnePlus are not turned off. You can wirelessly charge other devices with the 1 Plus 8 Pro, use reverse charge so you can juice another phone, you can do some weirbrals. Earbuds are a good addition to ensure this.
3. The other new addition is an official IP68 Dust and Water Resistance rating, now the OnePlus phone has had a normal daily water resistance for some time, but it has never been made official at this level, so far it is a great addition, for which I Sure we are very grateful next we are talking
4. Performance OnePlus has always been about very high speeds and the 8 Pro is no exception that this phone screams speed and performance and is the latest and greatest for the new Snapdragon 865 CPU Adreno 650 GPU and moreover 8 or 12 Gigabytes have LPRR 4 RAM. Phone sports Wi-Fi 6 and 5G capabilities for faster connectivity speeds. Fast data transfer speed for ufs 3.0 storage. Both fingerprint and face unlock are very quick. We already know that both forms of charging are lightning fast and oxygen. Connect everyone with the OS. Probably the fastest and strongest phone I have yet to use in terms of performance. 
5. Has been a favorite for many people and it is only getting better and better liked so much that not only people Like it on other OEM skins, but many prefer it over Google’s very pixel Android, and for good reason it’s such a good example that a good example of it is in the battery section, when they got the 8 Pro , Then a bedtime mode was added for this. Sitting on a OnePlus charging stand is now the reason that the 30 watt charge smells too fast, producing some heat that has a fan in the charger to deal with it but assume the charger is on the bedside table. The fan may just annoy some users with the mode while sleeping, this will reduce the charging speed which in turn reduces fan noise on the charger oxygen. The OS has been much thought and noted since this phone. Is one of the greatest features of.

But now it’s time to get into the not-so-great things about this phone.
1. The former has been priced for the longest time, with OnePlus aiming to produce a flagship killer with competitive specs and features at no heavy cost, as a result of which these phones were apparently lacking in a few, which some people Wanted, but we all knew that this day would come and if we wanted the features we were supposed to pay for, that’s just how things work or so, the starting price of nine hundred dollars was a hard pill to swallow. And if you want then you will get the model with RAM and 128 gigabytes. The maximum version, with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage, will run you $ 1,000 yes, but if you want performance with top-to-line specs and some pretty cool extras, you’ll have to pay it. We are talking
2. Decreases as much as I enjoy looking at curves with a display. Using a display with curves is a completely different story and the eight pros of a screen have some very serious curved edges that are sharper and last year’s 7 Pro Are more dramatic than the comparison While casual input depends on how you hold your phone, I think everyone works with it and it’s not the funniest thing in the world.
3. A look at the bump of that camera. It’s quite thick and now I’m sure there are good reasons behind its size, but regardless of whether it’s thick and it’s particularly noticeable when I hold up the phone my Index finger is hit Because it ends up exactly where my finger usually rests, but it’s not a deal breaker or anything, but it gets in such a way that using ance will definitely help that actually OnePlus has a severed lip around the camera in its cases. Bump flush more with the rest of the back
4. Talking about the size of the phone, the phone itself is quite large and at the same time I and many others enjoy big phones, they are definitely not for everyone, whereas 8 Pro is just compared to 7 Pro. Is barely lighter and lighter. And is half a millimeter longer than the 7 millimeter, which just adds that one size does not fit all footprints
5. In the end this phone is quite slippery, I absolutely love the matted glass finish on its back, but the  phone is not easy to get big enough already and cannot go easily with one hand.
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