The launch of the OnePlus 8 Pro had created a lot of chaos in the smartphone industry. The first region that they created a difference in prices was in India and in European countries in the US and the second was their notorious infrared camera which we get in OnePlus 8 Pro. Whatever has come out recently about some of oneplus Z’ leaks, today we are going to talk in this article, the pricing of all of them sounds good to me, but to many customers who had accepted OnePlus as such a friend because their price would remain Was he lived 20000 to 30000 He has thought to launch Seriously, and he is going to launch what is going to be a cake mid-range phone.. This phone will be launched in or around July or August or on the covid 19 of July I feel like there is another region. Because of which these 1 Plus people did not launch OnePlus with 1 Plus 8. 8 Pro, then if barnds talk about the design, then it is known from the fact that there will be a fillet display and a 6.4-inch display. Which will be an Amoled display with full HD resolution and you will also get to see 90 Hertz, but talk about the design, neither you will get any microSD shot not do you get any 3.5mm jack display friends. At the same, you get to see the punch hole camera in the center. If I tell you according to my calculations, I do not like the center punch hole camera, if it is in the corner, it will be much better because when you are watching something on your screen. I’m watching a movie or watching a video panch hol he ignores when he stays in the corner If you do not get to see any physical fingerprint scanner in this phone, then it means that the fingerprint scanner will remain in the display fingerprint scanner, the notification slider of one plus can be seen in the typical almost higher oneplus phone. I will be able to see the phone, it will come in the form of a glass sandwich, meaning the production of gorilla glass will be available on both sides. Spyglass Design and Have Any Wireless Charging one plus you will not get any IP rating in it, so talk about the design of friends now, which processor will you get, then you will

Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G processions will be available which is a 5G model or 5G chip, while the belt unlocked Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, in which you get to see a x55 5g modem separately, it is a new processor and is the first but the first device There will be no one in which this process is being used, plus it was reported that the first MediaTek professor to use was OnePlus, which was named Diamond City One Word. He might have dropped this plan because he is going to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 because Apparently 765 means that all the process that Qualcomm Snapdragon has is more popular front camera is that it is going to be 12 megapixels but which sensor will be used in it, I did not tell whether according to my 1 + 8 sensor the same sensor was taken in this phone. I will get to see you too If I talk about his real camera, you will get dual camera ka setup will get one 48 megapixel primary camera and the other one will go to 16 megapixel ultra white camera or you have not taken the use of redundant induction monogram sensor. Did not give that the general people do not use, then there are land censors, which customers mostly use, the same two senses are given and the end is a good thing. Because 1Plus 7 was also in the OnePlus 7 Pro, it was the same in 1Plus 8, so this sensor is a very good sensor, and according to me, who would put the same sensor in it because there is not much difference if you You will see OnePlus 8 has the exception for the processor, the same processor.
Difference is there, otherwise everything else is same h. Talking about the battery of others, you will get to see 4000 mah battery 30 watt ki fast charging or you can say and support of charging which is very right means fast charging is very close to OnePlus. The end is also good because it does not heat the device. Now, according to me, this phone is going to be quite good in the dress, I give it the reason for it. I ask you to come to the mid range with more peacock and license packs. But the user interface that remains or the user experience is bad, you take the exam of Real Me, take the Redmi exam, take the Mi’s exam, I want all the phones, friends and friends, you can see many ads We get to see blue pages, but the user interface of OnePlus, which is oxygen, which is very good, is decorated by many people, plus the devices of 1 plus you do not see any add in this, which is the user experience. He is very much appreciated as much as you If you talk about the user experience in this range, then you might get the best in this phone, even if you do not get the best specs and after father price, a simple logic that no matter how good you phone Make it, but if the price is not right, then that phone is also not right, the biggest factor is if there is a price for a customer loan, then it is the price factor, so the price of this phone is less than 25000 which is 6GB variant. Which base variant will remain in the middle of 34000, what do you think, please comment at which stage and tell

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