hey everyone here some to do my full review on motorola latest flagship the edge plus it is called the edge plus because the edges are very curved the screen really does curve around the edges of the phone and it has been a little while since Motorola made it flagship so I’m excited to share my experience with the edge plus right away you can only get one model be 256 gigabytes of base storage and 12 gigabytes of ddr4 am so two top-tier specs for a flagship and again this does price at $1000 so that thousand dollar price point for a flagship phone however a downside is that you can only get it at  price point in mind throughout this review and with that high amount of storage and a lot of RAM you’re probably gonna want to hold onto the edge plus for a while and Motorola did come out and say that they will be providing at least two major Android updates in the future so just kind of keep that in mind so with all of that being said let’s dive into the full review of the Motorola edge plus to begin let’s start with design yes the literal edge plus can stand on its own not like I would ever recommend doing that so first of all it does have a six point seven inch 1080p OLED display HDR ten plus 90 Hertz which I’ve always had on I highly recommend it now when it comes to the 90 Hertz yes it does make it smoother 90 the jump from 60 Hertz to 90 Hertz is more noticeable than 90 here’s 220 Hertz but you can notice a difference in phones such as the Galaxy S 20 which do have 120 Hertz as opposed to just 90 since the eds Plus has the camera bump on one side of the phone it does rock quite a bit if you’re trying to use it on a flat surface overall it’s a very premium feeling and looking device I think it looks very professional with this color scheme going on on the back on the right side the power button has a lot of texture to it so you can find it very easily another is a punch hole cut out in that front facing camera hard to miss the edge plus is a very curvy phone motorola is calling it the endless edge display which in my opinion is aesthetically very pleasing I think it’s a very good-looking phone with the curved sides especially when you’re watching videos the content just spills off of the sides now with that being said there are some downsides having edges first of all the sides are fairly thin to hold on to that aren’t part of the display so what that means is your thumb is going to have to rest on the actual part of the display so Motorola needs to have edge detection and I find that edge detection just isn’t all that great I’ve found myself annoyed in multiple apps while using the phone with the edges on however I guess the way to combat that is that you can turn the edges off so for example if I’m in the Play Store I can go ahead and swipe over and just turn off the edges for that app on a per app basis which gives you a lot more real estate to hold on to the sides and you can actually permanently disable the edges in some apps if you want to that’s all in settings however then you don’t take advantage of the side so there is a solution to the poor edge detection but it is kind of a bummer that Motorola doesn’t have better edge detection when you are in apps hopefully Motorola can improve upon that in a software update so you’re not stuck just turning off the edges and a lot of apps and you saw there is a lot of functionality to the edges so I can swipe over right here you can customize these shortcuts if you want to go to specific apps maybe composing an email turn off or on the edges or of course maybe you want to do a quick measurement there’s also a gesture you can enable with the edge let’s say you’re in an app you want to swap to your previously used one just double tap on the edge and you can quick swap back and forth between these two apps you can also enable it where if you double tap the edge it will turn off the sides so you can have that on so you can quickly do that so overall it’s great but I mean there are gestures to do this same actions so you might want to actually just have it where you double tap and the size will turn off instead but nice motorola is implementing a lot of features the edge also has some gaming features built in we’ll talk about that in just a second however the software experience has been good it does have the latest version of Android and Motorola just adds some useful features so it’s a fairly stock experience however you can do things such as personalize your phone with different styles different fingerprint animations for unlocking it there’s different screen shots with three fingers or you can maybe chop twice turn on that flashlight to chop twice to turn on again or twist to actually open up a specific camera app that you want it just depends on how you want to customize it but they are very useful I’m glad Motorola has included some of them including that moto display there’s also some edge lighting that looks really cool with of with these very strong edges something rare to see in a flagship lighting that looks really cool with of with these very strong edges something rare to see in a flagship nowadays the headphone jack is in the edge plus nice and Motorola to include that and if you are someone that consumes a lot of multimedia videos music games you’re gonna be very happy with the sound quality out of the stereo speakers one bottom firing one up at the top I’ve been very happy with them in terms of quality and how loud they get nice job Motorola within the camera app your standard photo and video and speaking of video if you jump into settings you can actually take up the 60k video however it does not support 4k 60 and video shooting which is kind of a bummer if you’re looking for that that some other flagships do have and then when you go to other modes it has that macro that 108 megapixel shot that you can do some spot color which is kind of neat so what you can do in spot color is kind of go ahead and tap and select the color you want to keep so let’s say we want red and we can snap this picture there we go if we go into it everything else is in black and white but that color that we selected you’ll see there’s a little bit of red in that plant a little bit of red on that YouTube so it’s just a nice little feature within the camera and in bright light the camera does a really good job I’m actually happy with a lot of the shots that came out of the rear camera whether it’s a standard lens ultra wide-angle lens or the telephoto lens there’s even a night mode built in which definitely brightens up a lot of the shots it’s sort of a long exposure where you just kind of have to sit there and not move these shots turned out on the performance side of things with the snapdragon 865 12 gb of ram you’re not gonna run into any issues gaming has been great heavy multitasking has been great no issues with RAM management for me either so they shot Motorola on that you could power through a ton of higher-end games and not worry about it and there’s a lot of game features built in and while a game is running in the background here I am just swapping between some of the apps snapping a couple pictures let’s go back into the Play Store as it gets L still loaded up in the RAM and if we go back to back to that game after opening up Reddit it should still be running as as it was and speaking of those game features you can have custom triggers on the top edges which is really awesome for game play actually makes me
enjoy mobile gaming a lot more you can set it to whatever you want you can actually customize an icon to hover over the button you want it to press so if you are in a racing game you could have it go left and right or maybe you want it to go boost and brake or if you’re playing a shooter you could potentially have an aim down sights button and a trigger for shooting so for me I really like this addition to two games yes plus has a large 5,000 mah hour battery and I’ve been very happy with battery life that has easily been able to get me through a full day sometimes I can even push it to a day and a half and that’s on a heavy usage now one thing about the good battery life is that it kind of charges a little bit slow in comparison to other flagships it charges that 18 watts while other flagship they’re charging much faster than that the edge+ has wireless charging built in at 15 watts and has power sharing so you can go ahead and turn on power sharing and wirelessly charge other devices maybe some wireless headphones maybe even another phone when you do pay such a high price point for a flagship device you expect an IP rating out of it that water resistance that dust resistance and the edge Plus does not have that Motorola does say they do have a water repellant design to protect against some light splashes maybe some light rain but that’s about it kind of a bummer for such a high price point the edge Plus does have that full 5g compatibility even with Verizon’s ultra wideband which does get some crazy high speeds and walking around Chicago going on a couple walks here and there I did pick up some 5g so that’s nice to see 5 G’s and quite where it needs to be yet but it is heading in the right direction it will get there eventually I just want to get some final thoughts on the edge Plus overall I’ve enjoyed using this phone I’m glad Motorola is back to making flagships when you do compare it to other flagships it has missed a couple checkboxes that you look for in a flagship such as that IP rating maybe a little bit higher refresh rate nowadays in that display maybe a little bit faster charging however it does have a solid camera great battery life it has some awesome sound including that headphone jack and of course you can only get this device  I hope motorola overcomes that hump going forward in future flagship devices so that’s it for me that’s my full review on the motorola edge plus drop
the price of motorola edge +  is 74,999 (12GB +256 GB)
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