Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Unboxing, Music Sound & Call Quality Review

me true wireless earphone 2. this is the latest version that has been recently launched in india the mrp they told us was 5499 but they are selling it for 4499 rupees for the uh limited period so if you want to buy them i’m leaving best buy links in the description section before even i start this article i’m telling you the same in this article i’m going to unbox these uh test these out and tell you the impressions and give you a sound quality review of the me true wireless earphones i’m going to tell you about the mic quality on uh calls as well so i’m just gonna quickly unbox them test them and share all that information let’s get started with this article let’s start with unboxing this and before i unbox let me tell  you about  the box closely it has some major features mentioned over here it has 14.2 mm of dynamic drivers it has environmental noise cancellation and it also works with voice assistant and they claim that it has 14 hours of battery but that is with the repeated charge that the uh case also contains and it is not absolute uh like the earpods themselves or the the the earphones themselves do not give you 14 hours but combined with the capacity of the charging case i’ll tell you about that in a moment so these are the contents that you get in the box you get these uh me true wireless earphones tws two they are in this plastic wrapping so this is how it looks and here you have a charging cable which is a type a to type c and a small leaflet which is a user guide and it tells you what’s where and coming back quickly to this it has a button on the right hand side over here and led at the front as you can see here and on the back some compliance information and on the

 bottom is the type c charging port and uh it looks very apple ish to be very honest uh these are glossy the case is matte finished white but these ear tips are glossy the rest of it is a matte finish so it looks good in quality and as you can see it has some sensors over here there are two dots that you can see first one is a mesh the second one is uh a dot which is a sensor which detects whether it is inside your ear and this large portion is actually uh facing your inner ear canal when when you uh you know put it on and on top of these you can see these two holes these are microphone holes and on the bottom you can also see two uh connectors and one hole so the connectors are for charging and the hole is microphone so each of these ear pod has two mics one on top one on bottom and it needs multiple mics for the ambient noise cancellation to work there’s also this air hole at the back which is provided in most earphones for the air to easily pass and give you the base effect that you would want so without further ado let me just uh turn it on pair it with my phone and get back with my impressions of the sound so i’ve tested these and the question arises how do they sound well to be very honest they sound loud crisp clear but they are not very base heavy they are slightly on the higher side when it comes to base but they are not very very heavy the mids are clear the instrument separation is good and the clarity is good and on top of that the call clarity is also good since it has four mic system two on top and two on bottom uh the four mic system actually gives you good call clarity i also try doing a cellular call with this and there was no problem at all the voice from the other side was clear in these and voice from my side to the other party are also very clear interesting thing is that these tips are glossy whereas all of else of this is matt it also supports gesture so you double tap on the right hand side to play the music double tap to pause the music and on the left side when you double tap it launches the voice assistant and that can be any voice assistant so if you are using android it will be your google assistant or alexa whatever you set you just started playing music so yeah it just stopped oops yep stop finally so uh it has a good audio clarity it has good aesthetics it has good quality of music and it also comes with the decent enough design battery life and it has large drivers and they cost around 4499 rupees so that is also a good price point if you’re considering to buy a high quality a tws earphones that you can carry with you and they do not break your budget too much and they are really good in terms of quality so if you are looking for something in this price range this is a good buy and i’m leaving best buy links in the description section i hope you would not be disappointed with these uh because i find them pretty good what are your thoughts do let us know in the comment section if you enjoyed reading then follow

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