iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone XR – Which Should You Choose?

Hi everyone technology news articles and the iPhone XR and the iPhone se  are the least expensive iPhones offered new from Apple right now so in my left hand I have the iPhone XR and in my right hand I have the new 2020 iPhone se II and so in this article  I wanted to help you decide which one would be best for you not only based off price but based off things like the camera overall performance and battery life as well and some other things and if you want to jump to any specific point in this article  where you want to see maybe the camera comparison all of the time codes are linked in the description below now the 

first thing is the iPhone XR comes in a variety of colors as does the iPhone se the iPhone XR is available in white black coral yellow blue and red whereas the iPhone se comes in three colors white black and product red and the product red colors that I have here they each help donate to different causes around the world to help fight disease so these particular phones will actually give a little bit of the profit from the phones from Apple to those causes now as far as the price overall the iPhone XR ranges from a $599 and goes up to six hundred and forty nine dollars whereas the iPhone se ranges at 399 and goes to 549 now you have some storage options as well the iPhone se is less expensive but comes in 64 128 or 256 gigabytes whereas the iPhone XR only comes available in two storage sizes 64 and 128 gigabytes so you do get a little bit less storage now these options have changed since they were initially introduced and since the new iPhone se is fairly new at this point within a month or so depending on when you’re read this article it comes in three different options and has a larger storage size now as far as the overall build and construction both are made out of aluminum in fact the iPhone se is basically an iPhone 8 as far as its design and overall feel so it’s aluminum on the sides and on the left-hand side you have the same exact layout you have your silent switch on the top followed by your two volume buttons and then on the right side you have your power sleep/wake button and your SIM card trays and while the SIM card tray only holds one SIM card it does support do through the actual isom inside the phone so you can use dual Sims that way for either phone now as far as the top is concerned there’s nothing there and then on the bottom of the phones we have the exact same layout so you have a speaker a microphone and your lightning connector or your lightning port now both support wireless charging that means they have glass front and back and they both have singular cameras which we’ll talk about in a little bit now the size difference between both of these is going to be may be the deciding factor for a lot of people so the iPhone se is a very small phone it fits in your hand very well especially if you have small hands as you can see I don’t but the iPhone XR offers a little bit bigger display a little bit bigger feel it’s a little bit thicker as far as its overall size and it’s just a larger phone in general now if you’ve ever seen an iPhone 6 all the way to an iPhone 8 that’s the exact same size as this phone for the most part the iPhone se the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 are the same size they’re in between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max so it’s sort of an in-between size with the XR and a lot of people really like this size the iPhone 11 pro max or XS Max was just too big so the iPhone se is really for those that appreciate a smaller phone they also both have ip67 certification so that makes them water and dust resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes that does not mean they are waterproof and Apple will not cover damage if it’s caused by water so if you want to take this swimming or in the shower you really should be putting it in a fully waterproof case where Apple will actually guarantee that they will not guarantee replacement of water damage even with Apple care you’ll still have to pay a bit to replace the phone now the displays on both phones are fairly similar in that their LCD displays and they have a lot of similarities as far as their overall construction now obviously there is a size difference so if with the iPhone XR we have a 6.1 inch liquid Retina display its 1792 by 828 with 326 pixels per inch the iPhone se also has 326 pixels per inch but is 1334 by 750 at 4.7 inches across and you can see its squared off whereas the iPhone XR has the rounded corners and face ID both of them have haptic touch there is no 3d touch on either phone so if you long press on the displays you’ll get the same sort of thing on both devices you don’t have 3d touch anymore it’s all just done by press and hold they also have similar brightnesses at 625 nits so if I turn the phones all the way up you won’t be able to tell on the camera but they have the exact same brightness level on both of them both displays look really good despite what some people say the actual pixel density is high enough that you can’t see the pixels and they have good viewing angles as well they go nice and bright indoors and outdoors and you shouldn’t have any issues seeing them at all so they both look really good they have great viewing angles and you can’t see the pixels the only difference is with the higher-end iPhones that have OLED displays those have deeper blacks but overall these are the best LCD displays on the market in my opinion now both phones even though they are not technically as high as 1080p as far as their resolution is concerned we’ll both support 1080p YouTube videos so what happens is the phones actually will scale that resolution to fit the display so where the iPhone se is closer to 720p the iPhone XR is in between 720 and 1080 P so you’ll see we have the option for 1080p on either display and it will look just fine on a smaller display the resolutions are less important than if you’re on a huge television in your living room so 720p is is just fine on this display you can’t see the pixels and in fact iPad pro and all the iPads have lower pixel densities and these displays actually look a little bit nicer when they’re held up close now both phones have stereo speakers and they go about equally loud so you have a speaker up at the top and then you also have one on the bottom and both of these speakers like I said are basically identical you’ve got wide sound stereo sound and they’re great for watching videos now the iPhone XR has face ID where the iPhone se has touch ID it’s basically an iPhone 8 with an iPhone 11 internals but you do have the second gen touch ID where it’s nice and fast to unlock it’s very easy to do and on the iPhone XR you just raise it and swipe up as you’re raising the phone and it unlocks both are about the same speed some people are going to prefer touch ID some people are going to prefer face ID but you have the option of either or and they both work well so it just really comes down to whatever you choose to use now internally both of them have very fast processors the iPhone XR has the a 12 Bionic CPU whereas the iPhone se has the newer a 13 Bionic but they both have three gigabytes of RAM and they’re surprisingly close as far as their speeds that a 13 has a newer knurl engine should so that should help it with cameras and photos and things like that and video as well and we’ll take a look at that in a moment but as far as the overall speed it should be basically the same so if you were to open apps we’ll take a closer look at the speed a little bit later but just things like opening music are going to be basically the same scrolling should be the same doing intensive tasks will be the same it really comes down to when you’re doing things with  

the camera where you’ll see some of the difference now both have front-facing cameras at 7 megapixels they both have F 2.2 apertures and both can record in 1080p at 30 frames per second however with the iPhone XR because you have face ID you also have a true depth sensor but you can do portrait mode on either so if we go into the camera here flip the camera around we do have portrait mode on both of them it took a second on both of them but you’ll see they’re both responding the same let me snap a picture here and and you can see both of the pictures are basically going to look the same now as far as the rear facing cameras you do have a little bit of a difference there in that the iPhone se actually carries over the sensor from the iPhone 8 but adds the a 13 bionics processing to help make the pictures a little bit better whereas the iPhone XR has a very similar camera as well we both have 12 megapixel sensors with F 1.8 apertures and both can record at 4k 60 however one of the interesting things is let’s spin the cameras around here one of the interesting things is we can’t change the actual frame rate in real time on the iPhone XR just by tapping on the upper right hand side corner so you’ll see it’s stuck at 4k 35 do the same thing on the iPhone se you’ll see that it’s actually able to change between all the different frame rates so that’s kind of interesting there’s no reason the iPhone XR couldn’t do it they just didn’t add it so that’s kind of strange but it’s something you’ll have to deal with now I wanted to show you some samples not only of the video but also of photos taken with the rear facing cameras so take a look at some of these I’m recording video with both the iPhone XR and the iPhone se and so now i am listening to the microphone of the iphone se  and see what it sounds like as compared to the microphone on the iPhone data are both of them look pretty good to me but let me know what you think about them in the comments below now the cameras are great for taking portraits of people and things like that but they won’t do object portrait mode so you’ll see both of them say no person detectives so they’re very equal in that right now the forward-facing camera on the iPhone XR because it has the true depth sensor you can do things like momochi so if we’re in messages here you’ll see we have the option for an emoji and momochi and so maybe I want to pick the mouse here you’ll see you’ll bring it up full screen you’ll see it will face track and do an emoji and Memoji and things like that so if you want to use it it’s in the XR it is not in the iPhone se no battery life on both phones is quite a bit different with the iPhone se because it’s fairly small we have a 1821 milliamp hour battery that’s going to get you about four to five hours of regular use but with the iPhone XR it has a 2942 milliamp hour battery where some people are getting up to seven hours of screen on time so it just depends on what you’re doing with your phone how you’re using it expect to charge it a little bit more but both will support fast charging if you have the fast charging adapter and both support wireless charging you can set your phone on a wireless charger and it will charge no problem both of them support wireless charging so you have that built in for both so it can be charged however you’d like it works great either way but with the iPhone se because the batteries smaller expected to charge a little bit faster also now internally because we have the a13 in the iPhone SE and the a12 in the iPhone XR there are some different wireless standards so for example with the iPhone XR it supports Wi-Fi a b/g/n and AC along with bluetooth 5.0 but with the iPhone se it supports Wi-Fi ABG and a CA x which is Wi-Fi 6 and then bluetooth 5.0 so you do get Wi-Fi 6 in the new iPhone se so that really shouldn’t help you determine which one to get but you do get the advantage of a little bit faster speeds if you have a Wi-Fi 6 router at home or you’re out about using it now speed between both of them should be fairly similar even though they have a little bit of a difference when it comes to the CPU so if you’re just doing something sim like browsing the internet you’re on a webpage you’re going to see the same sort of scrolling speeds the same sort of experience maybe you want to load the page on iPhone se you’ll see sometimes it’s going to vary depending on what you’re doing but overall they’re going to be basically the same depending on how you’re using them now there’s a couple of other ways to show you this one way is to actually show you the Geekbench scores or the benchmarks of what the actual CPU can perform at when it’s given a specific task so let’s take a look at the Geekbench scores and so if we run the CPU Geekbench scores we’ll hit run benchmark and we’ll let them run and I’ll show you the difference between the two of them when it comes to these scores now the benchmarks have completed and you can see on the iPhone XR we have 1117 whereas on the iPhone se for single core score we have 1319 now for a multi-core we have a little bit faster on the iPhone se as well at 2565 verse 2443 now this should give you a general idea of what the CPU is actually capable of and then also the compute score shows you graphic capability so we’ll run the benchmark on both of these and see what this says as well now in the graphics department the iPhone se is quite a bit faster as well so we have 6337 first the iPhone XR 4000 486 so this just gives you a general idea of what the CPU can do when you push specific tasks at it now let’s take a look at what it can do as far as opening a game you shouldn’t really see much of a difference between these so let’s go into minecraft here let’s see if I can find it here there we go we’ll open minecraft and so let’s turn these so we can see it a little bit better we’ll hit continue we’ll hit play create a new world and let’s hit create and then we’ll hit proceed now this isn’t necessarily representative of overall horsepower of the processor but it gives you an idea of what it’s like when you’re loading a videogame and you should see the frame rates basically the same both our 6 DP displays so you really shouldn’t expect more than that so in general they’re going to be equally smooth between both of them now one final way I like to show what it can do is export a 4k video since computers need a lot of power to do the same thing in iOS or iPhones and iPads in general are very good at this so let’s go into iMovie we’ll close out minecraft just to be fair in fact let’s close everything let’s go over to iMovie here we’ll go into it on this phone and on this one and what you’ll see is this is the exact same video on both so you can shrink the timeline or make it a little bit bigger let’s shrink it here to make it even and what you’ll see is it’s the exact same video on both if I scroll all the way to the end it’s a three minute and 45 seconds so what I’m going to do is export this in 4k and see what it takes as far as its time to do so so let’s go ahead and slide these over we’ll bring in a different I phone as a stopwatch here and let’s see what we can do so we’ll hit done on both of them then we’ll hit share then we want to save the video and then we’re going to select 4k so I’ll hit 4k and then start and let’s see what they do as far as export times now I’ll speed this up so you don’t have to watch the whole thing now that’s incredibly fast for both of these they’re very similar as far as export times and to export in two minutes and 26 seconds is faster than many MacBooks that I’ve seen so in general that’s very impressive now both phones are quite impressive as far as speed and they keep up well with the latest iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max and so you really shouldn’t have an issue there and I think the determination of which one you should buy comes down to a couple different things the first one being price 399 for an iPhone se is pretty hard to beat and then just a little bit more if you want some more storage but the iPhone XR can be had pretty reasonably as well depending on if you get it new refurbished with a deal at your carrier or things like that so size of course is the other determination so not only price but size personally I pick the iPhone XR and that is because of its size my hands are larger I liked a little bit bigger screen and face ID is something I’ve gotten used to but if you’re someone that really likes touch ID then the iPhone se is for you unless of course the phone is too small so you’ll still have the iPhone 8 plus that you could pick up refurbished or maybe we’ll have an iPhone se plus later this year but right now I think the iPhone for me is the XR but depending on size and budget is really what helps you determine which one to pick they’re both equally fast they both take great video and photos and I think either one is the right choice depending on what works best for you but let me know which ones the one you would pick and if you enjoyed the article please give it a like as always thanks for reading this is Hari see you next time

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