I want to tell you about the best smartphone Iphone 13 vs Samsung s22+ which comes in 80 thousand I want you to buy the best smartphone under 80 thousand.

Let us tell you about Samsung S22+ vs Iphone 13 and we tell you which smartphone is best for you.


First of all, let us tell you about the iPhone 13 which comes in a glossy back panel and fingerprints are also very much in it, but due to the boxy frame, it feels very good in the hand which is a premium smartphone. Which comes in a boxy frame, which feels a bit in the hands as there is no edge but looking at the iPhone 13 one can tell that it is an iPhone and a flagship smartphone as well.

But if you look at the S22+, the matte finish has been used on the S22+ and there is no boxy frame but the frame that does have a corner edge, feels good to hold in the hand. And feels comfortable too. And if I use both the phones side-by-side, the iPhone 13 will look much better but the two phones are no less than each other. The iPhone 13 has a slider button on the side that is used to put the phone on silent or ring mode. The Samsung S22+ comes with a Type C 3.2 port. In which we can use pen drive, ssd or dongle.

Talking about the speaker, the speakers of both the smartphones are of excellent quality and if you use both the phones together then you will not see any difference. You will see both the phones from the front, Samsung S22+ looks better as Samsung S22+ comes in punch hole camera and iPhone 13 gets medium sized notch which is less in size than iPhone 12.




Talking about the display, both these smartphones have the best display, but if we talk about Samsung S22+, then Samsung S22+ is better than iPhone 13 because Samsung has given the world’s best display which goes up to 1750 nits. And iPhone 13 has 1200 nits display. And when watching videos on both the phones simultaneously, there will be no difference in HD 10 content and if seen, the iPhone 13 has a 60Hz refresh rate display and the Samsung S22+ has a 120Hz refresh rate. If both the smartphones are seen together, then not much difference will be visible. If you look at the Samsung S22+ you will notice the difference as the scrolling and app animations are much smoother in the Samsung S 22+. The display of both the phones is very good.



If seen, iPhone 13 comes with A15 Bionic chip, it is a power full processor, which is comparable to Snapdragon 8 gen. So even in the benchmark iPhone is the winner. When it comes to heating, the Samsung S22+ hits and the iPhone 13 doesn’t. And if you use both the smartphones, then both give excellent performance. Be it gaming or social media or any heavy tasking, the Samsung S22+ just takes a hit in gaming. The Samsung S22+ has a Snapdragon 8G processor so it takes a hit.


If we talk about battery, then iPhone 13 has 3095mah and Samsung S22+ 4500mah battery. Talking about battery life, the battery of iPhone 13 lasts longer than Samsung S22+. It is also not that the battery of Samsung S22+ runs low. Because Samsung S22+ comes with many features like reverse wireless charging. With reverse charging, you will be able to charge the Smart Watch and also charge the Air Buds. And fast charging 45w is available in Samsung but 20w charging is available in iPhone now. The battery life of the iPhone is longer but Samsung is offering more features.


 Samsung S 22+ comes with a 50+12+10 megapixel camera.
Samsung S 22+ comes with a 50+12+10 megapixel camera.


The iPhone 13 dual camera setup comes with 12+12 megapixels as it doesn’t have a triple camera setup and the Samsung S 22+ comes with a 50+12+10 megapixel camera. Which comes with optical zoom lens. To take pictures like DSLR you need optical lens but they come in Samsung S 22+ Samsung used to take very punchy pictures earlier but now Samsung takes natural pictures and gives good skin tone and talk about iPhone 13 Let’s say that he also takes stabilizer photos. , we talk about portrait photo gives birgate skin tone in Samsung S22+ iPhone 13 gives natural photo. Gives Ultra Wide Photos in Portrait Samsung S22+ Offers Better Night Mode in iPhone 13 Talking about it, both the smartphones are best in Night Mode and in Ultra Wide Mode, Samsung S 22+ performs better. When it comes to selfies, the iPhone 13 doesn’t deliver HDR well, the Samsung S22+ is doing well, and both the smartphones deliver decent pictures, but the Samsung S22+ is the best anywhere. Wherever the iPhone 13 performs best. Talking about the video, 8K video recording is available in Samsung S22+. The stability of the Samsung S22+ is good, but the special thing about the iPhone is that the balance is detected by recording video. And the skin tone is also good. And if you shift from the main camera to ultra wide, it shifts very smoothly. And if we talk about portrait video, then Samsung S22+ performs well in it. If you look at the cameras of both the phones, then there is not much difference between the cameras. Because the camera of both the smartphone is the best


Talking about the Conclusions, which of these two smartphones should be bought. If you have used iphone before then you should go for iphone 13. Android will not suit you so much. If you want to get latest phone in android then Samsung S22+ is the best phone because you will see that it has 120Hz refresh rate and fast charging 45w and also comes with zoom lens will give good stability and iphone 13 will also give good stability Can use for a long time. Now it is up to you whether you have Android or iOS because both the smartphones are very good.

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