A detailed interpretation of what is new in iOS 15.2

Today Apple released iOS 15.2 to the public.

It is available for all iOS 15 supported devices.

So everything from the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus to the latest iPhone,

13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. It is now available at the same time,

all over the world. And if you are not seeing the update, then go to your device,

Go to Settings, Go to General, Tap on Software Update,

And you should see the update. If you still don’t see it.

Tap on Automatic Updates, turn off Automatic Updates and check again, and you should be able to install


Now, Apple also released iPad OS 15.2,

With watch OS 8.3 and tv OS 15.2,

as well as home pod os 15.2,

Although we are still waiting for macOS 12.1.


So we will go to the settings. We will go down about the general,

And as you can see, the final build is 19C57.

However, if you are using an iPhone 13 series phone,

If you have an iPhone 12 or older, it will be 19C56.

So builds exactly what you already had if you are a beta tester or

developer. Now let’s talk about what is the new iOS.

iOS 15.2 has modem firmware update,

And it seems that the modem firmware update changed the 5g . has resolved a problem between

switching. So between 5g and 4g or millimeter wave,

Looks like it’s resolved now.

Many people I know and I myself were experiencing this;

Suddenly you will drop the connection.

So maybe you were on a Face Time call or maybe in Safari,

looking at something

Your internet connection will suddenly drop when you switch between

A detailed interpretation of what is new in iOS 15.2
what is new in iOS 15.2

Different types of 5G and 4G.

This seems to have been solved before with this update,

The only way to fix it was to turn on Airplane Mode, then turn it back off.

Things will reconnect and it will work again. Now it seems to work fine.

Now the first physical change you can see in this update is related to

music app. So if we go to the music, go to our library,

Tap Playlist at the top of the playlist, just choose any playlist,

Pull down and you’ll see, we now have a search box.

Now we can search in our playlist.

So it’s a feature that I know a lot of people have wanted for a long time.

And you will see, we now have the option to search within the playlist.

So as we continue to search for it, we narrow it down. Also related to music.

Apple has added a new Apple Music subscription plan for Apple Music Voice.

And this is for those who just want to use their voice.

Maybe instead of using the Music app,

Now you can use your voice and it costs $4.99 per month.

And you can ask Siri to suggest music based on your listening habits,

Or maybe play something you like. again,

You can use your voice to interact with it, and it’s $4.99. However,

If you want a family plan, it seems it is on an individual basis,

But it’s $4.99 if you want to give it a try. Now,

Apple has added a new feature that we have known about for a long time,

But they never included in iOS 15 with the initial launch.

And this is related to App Privacy or App Privacy Report.

So if we go back to our main settings page,

Under Privacy go down to Privacy, scroll down,

You will see we have app privacy report Tap on app privacy report.

And it now shows you what is going on in your device.

How apps are using your information or network activity.

And you can tap on YouTube. As you can see here,

It tells you who it is owned by and the domain directly contacted by the app.

so you can see some of them are here and how many times they’ve seen

Each time a connection is made. So when it collects data about you,

it is sending it to different IP address or different website locations and

Also stating that it collects data and sensor information.

And let me tell you about it here.

So it is telling you about everything going on in your phone.

So you can understand more clearly how your data is being used.

Also another feature Apple talked about in the early launch of iOS 15,

But what hasn’t been covered so far is digital heritage.

Digital Inheritance Allows You to Designate a Person When You Pass on to Someone Else

Easily access your information.

and you can access it and set it by going to your settings,

Tap on your name at the top. Once you get this screen,

Tap Password in Security, under Password in Security,

You can see legacy contact, here tap on legacy contact.

You can add a legacy contact and it says your legacy contact can access and download

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